Monday Manna – Choice–Overwhelmed or Joy-Filled?

Years ago, I went to the Lord with this confession: "Lord, as I look at the overview of this week and its projected activities and responsibilities, I am tempted to feel overwhelmed." Immediately He began with this prompt from Psalm 116:17 and followed with His counsel: Return to your rest O my soul.  I the … Continue reading Monday Manna – Choice–Overwhelmed or Joy-Filled?

Monday Manna – The Journey to Surrender

Listen, listen.  Do you hear it? Hear what, Lord? The rush of water.  The waterfall is just ahead. I am suddenly caught up in an internal virtual reality.  I am deep in a pine forest.  A heavy mist filled with the fragrance of evergreen envelops all I see.  Sunlight sends shafts of glory through the mist.  My feet sink … Continue reading Monday Manna – The Journey to Surrender