Monday Manna – Joy in Waiting

I do not know a soul alive who enjoys waiting for something.  Yet, in 2006, when we were in such a season, here is the counsel Holy Spirit gave me when I approached Him:

Yes, this time is about waiting, waiting in joyful expectation for My plan to be revealed.  You will receive it in sound bites, so turn up your amplifier and turn your attention on Me. 
There is death before resurrection.  Fear not, only believe.  I am leading you through the death to your expectations and interpretations. What I have planned is far better than you have ever dreamed.  Trust Me to lead you through this valley.   Rest in My ability to carry you through.  And rest that I will lead you in a timely fashion.  There is much to be gained in the waiting.
It is not a time of inactivity but rather one of preparation of the heart through exercising My will daily.  Trust and obey.  You will be there before you know it.
We are in another season of waiting now for a new home to materialize.  This counsel still stands and reading it over today renews my peace to trust in Him and enter into joy. May it do the same for you. 

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