Monday Manna – Surrender and Protection

Today as I read Psalm 91 again I stop on the word “buckler”—His truth shall be your shield and buckler. Psalm 91:4 (From my journals November 2005.) Buckler: Strong's #5507 <5503-primative root> something surrounding the person, ie. a shield:-buckler <5503> to travel round (specifically as a peddaler —to palpitate-go about, merchant, occupy with, trade, traffic. … Continue reading Monday Manna – Surrender and Protection

Love Letters from *Elohim – God’s Greatest Desire

  In November 2013, I was preparing a message for our congregation.  I asked, "Father, is there anything You want me to carry to Your family this morning?" He answered with insights about His love: "I love you.  I don’t just tolerate you.  I love you completely.  My greatest desire is to see you fulfill … Continue reading Love Letters from *Elohim – God’s Greatest Desire