Monday Manna – Surrender and Protection


Today as I read Psalm 91 again I stop on the word “buckler”—His truth shall be your shield and buckler. Psalm 91:4

(From my journals November 2005.)

Buckler: Strong’s #5507 <5503-primative root> something surrounding the person, ie. a shield:-buckler

<5503> to travel round (specifically as a peddaler —to palpitate-go about, merchant, occupy with, trade, traffic.

This says to me, Your truth not only shields me from the enemy and empowers my intercession, but it also moves me to travel with You to occupy enemy territory, trade with others—ministry and teaching, giving and receiving.  So abiding isn’t just standing still protected.  Abiding is being empowered to travel in protection to do Your will.

Is that right, Lord?

Yes, you are seeing in part.  There is more but I’m glad you have this, it is key to where we are going next.

 Buckler is also Me pedaling around you, encompassing you, hemming you in to do My will with Love and holding you back from your own good ideas.  At times it will feel like taunting and you will be frustrated and angry, but the second you surrender, there will be peace.  The second you surrender we will go together.

 My truth will set you free.  My truth will bring surrender of your will and set you free in Mine!  What joy is that place of unity with Me?  What joy awaits all those who look to Me for help and surrender to My plan, My purpose, My will.  It’s easy—Just Look Up!


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