In His Hands

Man’s heart plans his way, but God directs his steps Proverbs 16:9. Do you see this? Are there times when your plans get sidelined by circumstances you don’t see coming? Well, a telephone call from my husband’s doctor last Friday put this week’s Tabernacle post on hold.  My husband and I pray daily for God’s will … Continue reading In His Hands

Love Letters from Elohim -The Idols in our Head

My heart has ached for breakthrough, to see God's Kingdom manifest. Years ago, after hearing several stirring messages about how others were experiencing the glory,  I started asking Him in earnest, “What is holding me back?” “You are holding you back."  He said.  "You don’t believe you can enter into My glory.  You are looking … Continue reading Love Letters from Elohim -The Idols in our Head