Love Letters from Elohim -The Idols in our Head

ToiletteSechereduit1_2My heart has ached for breakthrough, to see God’s Kingdom manifest. Years ago, after hearing several stirring messages about how others were experiencing the glory,  I started asking Him in earnest, “What is holding me back?”

“You are holding you back.”  He said.  “You don’t believe you can enter into My glory.  You are looking at yourself and judging that you don’t qualify.  You see yourself as not pure enough, not joyful enough, not surrendered enough, not worshipful enough.” 

Hog wash!  Those thoughts are straight from the enemy and as unclean as pork is to the belly.” (FYI–Hog wash is not something I normally say. 🙂 )

Then He started telling me how He sees me. “I see you pressing in with all you know to know Me and to love Me.  I see you qualified.  Your heart is pure and your motives are right.  Worship sings from your heart without words.–This was a much better perspective than mine.

Then He said to me, “Take My hand.  Come with Me.”  We started down this path.  There was a humongous granite boulder right in the middle of the path—we could not see around it.  The granite was rough on my hands but I scrambled up to the top of the boulder and stood.

“What do you see Beloved?”

“It’s as if I’m on a mountain top instead of just standing on this boulder in the road.  The view goes on for endless miles to towns, hills, and mountains.”

Then He said, “Beloved, the boulder is made of thoughts deposited over time by the enemy.  It has become an obstacle in your path.  It cuts off the view of My plan and purpose.”

“When you put the enemy and his tactics under your feet, your vision is limitless.  It’s time to climb the rock for good and not return to the path of obstacles.  It’s time to put it behind you and press on to the high calling you have in Me.  Beloved, there isn’t any place I can’t go nor anything I can’t do.  When you live in Me your declaration is the same.”

Then I asked Him, “Father, how do I put feet to this today?”

“Begin by cleaning out your mental storehouse of all the false beliefs the enemy has placed there.  Bring them into the light and let Me show you the truth.  Write down these false beliefs and throw them into the Reservoir. Then make a list of new confessions—I will lead you.”

I opened my Bible to start recording new confessions, and as I did it opened to Psalm 81.  My eyes immediately fell on verses 9-10

There shall be no foreign god among you;

Nor shall you worship any foreign god.

I am the Lord your God,

Who brought you out of the land of Egypt;

Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.

I heard in my spirit, “False beliefs about yourself are foreign gods.  Don’t give them worth.  Open your mouth and I will fill you with heaven’s declarations.”

I took what He said and put it into action:

  1. Found a rock in my yard with many flat surfaces, grabbed a permanent marker and started writing the false beliefs on the rock.
  2. About noon, I drove to the Reservoir and parked the car.
  3. Grabbed my rock and headed down the bank to the water.
  4. When I got to the water I declared, “These false beliefs are no longer part of me. I reject you!  Father, from here on out I receive Your truth for my identity.”
  1. Then I threw the rock in the lake—never to be retrieved.
  2. Hiked back to the car and turned the key:  The first thing I heard on the radio was: “Your love never fails, Never gives up, Never runs out on me.”

To me, this was a love gift from my Bridegroom.

When I got home I realized idolatry can be part of our lives even when we aren’t involved in worldly things.  I was worshipping another god by the value I placed in the lies the enemy was telling me.  Those lies were stockpiling in my storehouse and keeping me from my destiny.  They were keeping me from entering into God’s glory for myself and for others. There are worldly things that consume our time, energy and money, but what consumes our thoughts can also be idols.

Exodus 20:3 says, “You shall have no other gods before Me.”  Nothing other than Him should occupy the majority of our time, our energy, or our resources.  Worry takes time and steals our energy.  At times, it can even cost us our resources.  Our Bridegroom wants our full adoration and attention. It pleases Him and blesses us.

Let’s clean out any false beliefs we’ve allowed to stockpile and start confessing and living the life He’s given us.

Shalom  ♥

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