Choosing Rest

rest-01While I wrote a book about Rest, practicing rest is not always easy to do.  However, life has diminished my options and rest appears to be the best choice for this season.

Just before COVID 19 hit and everything normal in life got upended, I published the 60 Day Devotional to Reset Your Soul, called ‘REST,’  available on Amazon.Picture for FB

Closely after that time, my husband, who has had kidney problems for about 30 years started feeling weak and worn out.

The doctors he normally saw were unavailable.  In fact, his primary care doctor quit over the quarantine period and retired pretty much without notifying his patients.  So, regular labs weren’t being drawn and my husband got worse.

Finally, one Sunday, I put him in the car and told him we are going to the ER and get some blood work done.  What we soon discovered is that his kidney function had dropped to 11%.  Not good.

So, in the midst of quarantine, he was hospitalized for a couple of days, we were assigned three new doctors and put on a very strict diet–no meat or fish, no whole grains, no dairy or eggs, no nuts, oil, sugar, or salt. No tomatoes, beans,  potatoes, peppers, or eggplant and other miscellaneous nos. To say it was a huge challenge is putting it mildly.  We’d been on a restricted diet for months already, but this was beyond belief.

Since mid-May, I’ve done my best to keep up with the blog and posting, because I wanted to get the Psalm 91 understanding to all of you.  I felt and still feel it is key for the season we are all in.  I ended the posts last week.

We are still in a battle here.  Mike is trying to get used to all this new food and doing his best to follow orders.  I’ve been searching for recipes, ingredients that are compliant, and cooking in an entirely new way.  It’s been a full-time journey.

With all of this said, I’ve also been praying, asking Abba for direction.  For the next couple of months and maybe more, I need to devote my full-time to helping my husband stay off dialysis and get well.  We believe in healing and we also believe God is leading us in nutrition that will help.

There are a number of you who are new subscribers.  I apologize to you and to my wonderful long time subscribers for this break in writing.  I trust you will all understand.  There are hundreds of posts on my site.  Please look through the categories and feast on what is here until I return.  And God willing, I will return.  My other book–The Armor of God is also available on Amazon.


I also have a couple of books in the making and hope to get them out by fall.

Please pray for us.  Pray that we grab hold of God’s grace to walk this walk of faith and obedience.  Pray Mike can stay off dialysis and be completely healed.  Pray for strength to do all that is needed and do it with joy, knowing He is with us and He will see us through.

Thank you all so very much.  Have a wonderful summer.  I may jump on occasionally to update you.  God bless each of you with provision to meet your every need and remember to spend time with Him.  It has to be our first priority.  He is worthy of our time.

Shalom ♥


2 thoughts on “Choosing Rest

  1. I’m a new subscriber, Mary Ellen and I have kidney issues so I understand the challenges you and your beloved are facing. I most certainly will be praying for both Mike and you.


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