The Artistry and Power of God

It’s cooler today. I open the bedroom blinds. A leaden wall spreads thick across the west, looming with the promise of rain. When I go to the kitchen and turn to the east, the rising sun illumines gossamer pink whisps skirting north across blue skies. Lumbering behind them and slowly overtaking them is a bulbous steely grey cloud. It is expanding as it moves.

I want to find my phone.  I want to capture this heavenly painting, but I know it will dim before I can return. So, I stand in awe of the Artist, wondering how He creates a different landscape every day.

I woke up early—long before daylight. Weariness clings even though I’ve been up for three hours. Mike sits eating his breakfast as I weigh whether to join him or return to bed. Another hour of sleep would be wonderful.

“I’m going to go lay down for a little while,” I say to Mike. “I could use a little more sleep.” He smiles, knowing I’ll likely be gone for an hour or more.

Easing under the comforter, I lay my head down on my pillow with a sigh. “Wake me up in an hour, Lord.” I know He will.

Thirty minutes later, lightning ignites my bedroom walls. In moments thunder explodes, shaking the house. It is close, and it continues. I smile, “Thank You, Lord. You know I love thunderstorms.”

I roll over and drift in and out of sleep as the percussion concert continues.

I love thunderstorms, the wilder and the louder the better. To me, they declare God’s might and power. My insides cheer as if my favorite football team scored the winning touchdown. 

And there are other noisy phenomena that I love. Crashing waves, roaring wind, and deafening rain lift my attention to Him. The voice of God roars over the world, forever settling the question of Who reigns. The crescendo of sound ignites my soul in wonder and praise to the Mighty God, my Master, and my King. 

Elijah heard Him as a still small voice in the middle of the storm, but Job’s friend heard Him roar. 

Job 37:1-7 AMPC

Indeed, [at His thunderings] my heart also trembles and leaps out of its place.

2 Hear, oh, hear the roar of His voice and the sound of rumbling that goes out of His mouth!

3 Under the whole heaven He lets it loose, and His lightning to the ends of the earth.

4 After it His voice roars; He thunders with the voice of His majesty, and He restrains not [His lightnings against His adversaries] when His voice is heard.

5 God thunders marvelously with His voice; He does great things which we cannot comprehend.

6 For He says to the snow, Fall on the earth; likewise He speaks to the showers and to the downpour of His mighty rains.

7 God seals up (stops, brings to a standstill by severe weather) the hand of every man [and now under His seal their hands are forced to inactivity], that all men whom He has made may know His doings (His sovereign power and their subjection to it).

How does God’s voice move you?

In this quiet sabbatical, I am learning to listen more, to pause, and consider what I see more carefully. I am still in the Word every day and spending time with Him. But writing has taken a seat of observation as I feast on what He puts before me. To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. Abba is refilling my soul for seasons of writing to come. Be blessed, my friends. God is never in a hurry. Take time with Him. It is more valuable than any other thing.


4 thoughts on “The Artistry and Power of God

  1. Hi Mary Ellen,

    What a wonderful and powerful post! Just a few weeks ago in my area, we had a midnight thunderstorm that lasted several hours. With each flash of lighting came loud roaring thunder that shook the house and my bed.

    In the midst of the thunderstorm came a sound of thunder, the likes I have never heard before. The lighting flashed and the thunder sounded in the distance, became louder the closer it came to me and then faded away as it moved off into the distance. The best way I can describe it is as if something really large ran through a wall and kept going.

    The Lord was revealing to me just how big He is. His majesty is beyond our comprehension and this thunderstorm was just a glimpse of it.

    I was dealing with the various trials our valleys bring and in the storm, I could hear the Lord telling me, He is here, He is in control, He is bigger than ALL my troubles and He is here to answer and to not fear!

    Your post was a confirmation by His spirit of how He is leading me. His guidance is for me to hide myself in His word, watch and prepare myself for the change of seasons and my harvest!

    May God continue to bless you and your family and richly fill you with all His wisdom to share with the world!

    Vikki ❤

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment Vikki. Yes, I believe He does use creation to speak to us and I’ve been a loving audience since I was a child. He is with us and He is bigger than all the threats and fears of this world. Isaiah 40 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. It says that “the nations are as a drop in a bucket, and are counted as the small dust on the scales.”
      He showed me a picture of the United Nations once and Jesus stood next to it as a child would stand next to a dollhouse. And He is so much bigger than that. Many in our world today pontificate about their power and authority. One breath from His mouth would wipe the world clean away.
      He once told me, “There is never a reason for fear.” I have that quote posted on my office wall to remind me that no matter what, God is bigger and He is my Abba. I don’t need to fear.
      God bless you with many more thunderstorms and whispers in the night. ❤

  2. So beautifully heart-moving, inspiring, and makes me long for the quiet of home (we have been with family at an out-of-town graduation.). Thank you.

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