Monday Manna -Belief and Obedience

monday-manna3This word came in July 2017.  It’s manifesting now.

“Be still My daughter, Be Still.  Greater things are yet to come.  You’ve only seen a glimpse.  Continue to lean on Me.  Continue to fix your gaze.  Embrace My love for you and walk in obedience.  Greater things are about to manifest in your life and in the life of My church.  The world has not seen My church yet.  But soon and very soon it will.  My church, those who are pursuing Me with all their heart, mind, will and emotions are about to astound the world with their beauty, authority and strength.  Love will take on new dynamics and seasoned saints will be astounded at the manifestation of My power through those willing to believe.

To Believe is more than a mental ascent.  It requires action, obedience, to be true belief.

Continue to:

  • Fix your gaze on Me.
  • Listen to My Spirit.
  • Walk in obedience to My word to you.

And you will be part of My endtime glorious church.

The time for talk without action is over.  The Kingdom is not built with talk.  I am sending you into the harvest fields.  Speak what I tell you to speak and angel armies will assist you.

Do what I tell you to do and I will back every word and action with power.  All hell will come against you, but I’ve already raised a Standard – Jesus.  Walk in unity with Him and there is no reason to fear.  For you have already died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”


We are stepping into the most glorious chapter of history ever written.  He is with us, He’s gone before us.  Nothing to fear and incredible adventure ahead.  Shalom.


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