Love Letters from Elohim–Joy Comes in Full Submission

Yeshua and woman 


Come sit with Me for a few minutes before you begin your study.  Look for the unexpected today. 

Unexpected blessing and unexpected trial.  Look to Me and Live with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

There is a joy known only to My children.  The joy of full acceptance, full forgiveness, full unconditional love, not found in the world, only in Me and only in those whose lives are fully given to My rule and My reign.

Father, how can I be numbered among these?  What must I do?

Lower still, quickly relinquish your right to judge, to interrogate, to decide.  Allow Me.  You are called to love the ones I bring before you with My love.  Lean on Me and reach out to them.

Be quick to listen to My voice and slow to speak until you have My counsel.  You are My daughter.  I live in you and you are fully equipped in every good work I’ve planned in advance for you to do.  Do not fear, only believe.  I am able and there is no lack in My children.

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