Monday Manna — Letting Go of the Familiar

monday-manna3There was a season in 2012 where normal life fell away and I felt like I lost my bearings.  At that time, I cried out to God for answers.  “Father, I am not sure what is going on but feeling distanced from anything familiar.  It is as if I am not going back to it any time soon.”

Here was His response:

I can change your heart in a moment as you stay yielded to Me.  Do not fret.  Your times are in My hands.  This season is a time for learning how to live and move in Me—with Me. You will go where I go and do what I do and let go of the need to build anything or put down roots.  This is a time of fluidity.  You are riding the river with Me.

Take a seat Beloved.  It’s going to be a joy ride.  Discover the joy of 24/7 life with Me.  You will have stories to tell soon.

Take no thought for the morrow.  My grace is sufficient. Every need supplied.  Every detail covered.  My plans for you are good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope.

His word proved to be true as He led my husband and I into a season of worshipping together after years of being in two different churches.

I am passing this on to you  today knowing many of you experience the same feeling of disconnect.  Call out to Him and lean in to hear His answer for you.

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