Fix Your Gaze on Jesus Christ – A Look at Song of Solomon 5:10-16 — What We’ve Learned


We have spent the past twelve weeks looking at this short passage describing our Bridegroom King.  Each word held treasure. Some of the gems were duplicated underlining their strength and importance. We found others represented only once or twice.

Today, I am bringing to light the treasure we found overall.  Some points are duplicated, but they only serve to highlight their strengths.  May you be blessed.

Our Beloved is the Door for all the mankind.  He came as an impoverished man to earth to Secure us, Reconnecting us with Abba God.

He is Righteous and walks in Humility, fully submitted to Abba God.  He separates and protects us with Himself – Who is the very Word of God. He is God and the Door for all the world of impoverished men to come to the Hidden Truth of Life, a hidden relationship with God. He is the Door of generosity.  He lifts up, gives, and benefits all the earth.  By His Words, His life, His Blood, and His Authority, He instructs us in the ways of the Lord.

Our Bridegroom King establishes the beginning of the New Governmental Order through the words He speaks.  His words are Spiritual Weapons or Seeds that bring forth completeness and perfection.

He was set apart as Holy, in Consecration to God.  He Connects heaven to earth through His life as a Man in Humility and Righteousness, drawing men into the Harvest. He is a Teacher and speaks with Authority,  Urging people Forward in Covenant. 

He went so far as to spill His Blood in death to Seal the Covenant of promise for those who would respond to His urging.  Our Bridegroom King Destroyed our enemies and gave us His Victory of Good over Evil.  He gave us a New Beginning, Separating and Protecting us by giving us instructions for life. He gave us the opportunity to set aside our Human Reasoning and follow Him in a New Beginning.  

He Sees and Understands us.  He is the Head of God’s Family and is our Dwelling Place.

Our Bridegroom King, Sees and Understands us through the Spirit.  He Covers and Protects us with His Right arm of Power, Restoring Life and Activating us in His ways.

He not only Covers and Protects us, He Reconnects us with Abba.  And in that Restoration we receive a Life filled with Grace and Revelation that we need to Give Attention to.

Our King stands as God in the His Strength and Power.  When He Speaks a New Governmental Order is established giving us a New Beginning, Set Apart as Holy, fully Consecrated to God.  In doing this, He brings us back to God’s original intent when He created us, Completing the Cycle.

Our Bridegroom goes with us through Trial and Testing, Cleansing us with Water (His Word) that brings Life.  He Covers us there until the Work is Finished and fills us with Hidden Truth.

Yeshua, as Head over all, comes against our Human Reasoning that refuses to obey God and in Humility, He draws us into His Word that Separates and Protects us, creating Righteousness in our lives.

As we follow Him, we are Separated and Protected by the Fence of God’s word and learn how to live in God’s Family, His Dwelling Place.

Our Bridegroom King lived a life of Constant Cleansing in His Hidden Relationship with Abba.  He followed Instruction and became One with Him in Unity, Strength and Power. 

Our Bridegroom King is a gentle Teacher, Urging us forward with His words, Living and Revealing the Protective Guidelines of His Kingdom and Bringing us to a good outcome with His Right hand of Power.

He Sees and Understands us.  He sees our Insufficiency, our Human Reasoning that seeks to master us, and Generously Gives us what we need to lift and benefit us.

He brings us into His Family, His House and His Fiery Zeal destroys our enemies as He reveals His Hidden Truth.

Our Bridegroom Sets us apart as Holy in Him.  His sacrifice lifted us up, re-connecting us with heaven and Abba Himself—our new identity Overturns our human reasoning and gives us a desire to obey Abba.

Our King speaks words that set a New Governmental Order in place. He does this joyfully with the clear sound of a Trumpet that cannot be ignored.  

His words bring Restoration and Life.  They cause us to make a Choice, turning from the Snake in the Basket to say, “Yes,” to our King’s New Governmental Order.  His words bring us into a New Beginning with the King.  

While His words sometimes Trickle through Suffering in Trials and Testing, they Bring Life Washing us, Cleansing us of our Human Reasoning and helping us to hear from our true Head.

The hands of our Bridegroom carry God’s Power that Cover us and exercise Power over All Creation. They carry the Sword of the Spirit, Revelation and God’s Torah (instruction) that we need to Pay Attention to.  When we follow Him in obedience, we reflect Sonship in God’s Family His House.

He is familiar with our struggles because through Trial and testing, our King humbled Himself and cultivated a Hidden Relationship with Abba and Holy Spirit.  He dedicated Himself to obeying God’s word and Instruction. He became one with Him enabling Him to live in the Strength and Power of a Leader. 

He Marks us with His covenant seal, and as we yield to His Hands, He brings Victory of Good over Evil.  He Brings us into Covenant and Seals us to Himself.

He shows us that He has the Heart of God. He is constantly Speaking to us about His New Governmental Order (based on Love and not Striving). This Truth overcomes our Human Reasoning and leads us to an attitude of Obedience to God’s will. 

He turned completely from His Kingly position and pride of life and became totally Dependent, Leaning on God’s Heart for His support. This resulted in a blessing for all of Creation.  He set the example for all Impoverished Men to walk in strength by God’s Support.  

In His Strength and Power as a Leader our Beloved, opened a Door for All Creation to be re-connected to Abba in Complete Restoration by His own Life.  (He acted on our behalf so we could have Life everlasting. No one is excluded from the choice)

He Urges us Forward with Authority, Instructing and Teaching us what it means to be members of God’s Family.  He teaches us about Kingdom Life.

We find ourselves under the new guidelines of God’s Word, Separated and Protected from much of the world’s stress, because we are learning to be Obedient to God’s will rather than indulging in Human Reasoning. 

Yeshua, in the Strength and Power of a Leader, in Unity with God, uses the Sword of the Spirit or the Word of God (according to Ephesians 6:17) to expose Human Reasoning versus Obedience to God, enabling us to follow Him.

His His character has been cultivated in a Hidden Relationship with God in Humility.  The outcome of His trials and Testing Marked Him as a Son of Covenant, Chosen and Set Apart, a Son of Holiness, Consecrated in full to God alone.

Yeshua, our Bridegroom King is our Friend.  He is the Most Important person in our lives.  

Buddha, Alah, Amaterasu, Brahman, and others are not like our Bridegroom King.  They do not have these attributes nor can one interact with them on a personal level.  As Christians, we are blessed beyond all others.  There is no other god like our God.  He is the King of all kings, the Lord of all lords and God over all gods.  Let us fix our gaze on Him and worship Him only with our words, our actions, our lives.

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