How Can I Know God?

I can’t seem to get past Psalm 46:10. Holy Spirit keeps unpacking it for me. We’ve talked about being still, but I never realized that being still is connected with knowing God. Let’s look at this again.

Be Still

Be still — Look to God as your Head–Your authority person–the first One you run to when you don’t know what to do, want to know something, or need anything. Don’t run to your feelings to lead you or your friends or Google, etc., but to God.

Wait for Him to speak– Hear what He has to say or the text message He sends you through His word. It may come on a bumper sticker or your child asking you a question, a line from a sermon or a radio announcement. God never runs out of ways of getting His answer to you.

Pay attention to what He says–remembering He is the only One who really knows the answer.

Then do it. — Act on what He tells you–Go! Forgive. Give. Believe. ETC.


Okay, we’ve got ‘Be still’ down. Let’s move on to ‘know.’ To know is more than knowing facts about something or someone. In Hebrew it is knowing intimately through personal experience.

Now, stop and consider this, when we look to God as our first and most knowledgeable person to run to for any need; when we wait for Him to speak and pay attention to what He says; and then do what He tells us to do, something amazing occurs. When He answers our need, we share an experience with Him that reveals His wisdom, His impeccable sense of timing, His grace and mercy, His matchless ability to do above and beyond what we expect, and so much more. We KNOW Him in ways we didn’t know Him before. Over time, as we continue to walk with Him, our faith becomes knowledge and it is no longer a struggle to believe Him.

So, try this on for size: Practice being still today. Maybe write down what you asked Him in a journal so you can look back and see how He answers. Just remember, He is the God above all gods, King above all kings, LORD all lords. And—He lives in us, is with us, and will never leave us. He longs to have relationship with us more than we long for Him. Regardless of how life appears, we have GOD on our side 24/7 and He is in control of all. We have nothing to fear–ever.

Shalom ♥

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