3 Dreams, 1 Vision, a Word from God, and a Video

When I spent time with the Lord this morning, I was telling Him how amazing it was that today is the 14th. 14 throughout the Bible marks the fulfillment of something.

Then when Mike and I went to read our scriptures this morning we were on Luke 14 and it was started with an event that happened on Shabbat–as we are on Shabbat. He told me that he had 3 dreams this morning and I told him I had a vision. As I mentioned the vision, he broke down weeping because his dreams paralleled my vision.

This is what I wrote in my journal: This is likely the day we will hear the beginning of the indictments, etc. Lord, extend Your mercy on our nation. What the enemy has meant for evil, turn to good Lord. You are LORD of America and the world, have Your way.

“Things will go forward as planned.” He said. “No more delay, no more guesswork. Watch and see what I will do. I have heard your cries and I am not a god with a hard heart. For the sake of the children, I am moving. You won’t miss it, for it will be seen by all.–Your news programs are going to get very interesting. They will open their mouths and I will fill them with My declarations.”

Then this vision appeared, I saw a window wiper blade moving slowly from right to left over a clock face. The clock face was covered with dirt and debris. The wiper blade was removing all of the mess and I could clearly see the face of the clock.(I didn’t note the time on the clock.)

“Are You turning back time Lord?” I asked.

“No, a restoration of MY time. I am going to restore what the locusts have eaten. A time or renewal and harvest. Your times ARE in My hand.” —

Mikes dreams were all about restoration. How blessed we are to be here and witness the unmistakable revelation of our God. \0/ hallelujah.

Then I opened my FB Messenger to check for messages and a friend sent me the following video.  It is a strong confirmation of what we received and wonderful encouragement for all intercessors and believers.

Shalom my friends. ♥

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