Monday Manna – I am God of the Turn-Around

monday-manna3In September 2015, I was spending some time with Abba in prayer and I asked, “Abba, what is on Your heart today?”

“Oh, that My children would believe Me,” He said.   “I am not a god that lies.  I can be trusted to keep My word.  Heaven and earth can come against it, but My word will not fail and My promises hold sure.

What I’ve said I will do, I will do!  Fear not, it is My pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  My Kingdom WILL come, My will, BE done.  Do you not already see the evidence?  It’s all around you if you have eyes to see.

Many are crying out in repentance now, who never considered the need before.  My house is beginning again to be a house of prayer for the nations, especially this nation of America.

My armies ARE marching, they ARE equipped and soon you will all see what I’ve planned.  The hidden words of Daniel, those sealed for the future, are being opened now in living color.

Surprises in store Beloved.  God surprises of miraculous turn-around and recovery. 

Fear not, for I have the last word.

The enemy thinks he has the upper hand but doesn’t realize that I hold him in My hand.

Prepare your hearts for a breakthrough. I am giving the enemy enough rope to hang himself.  Like Haman who had the gallows built for Mordechai and then discovered he, himself was the recipient.

I am the God of the turn-around and when My children pray, things turn around.

I am the God who answers by fire.  Holy Spirit fire is on the way to consume the enemy and ignite hearts for the Kingdom.

Joy unspeakable and full of glory.  Wait for it.  Wait in faith.  Wait in expectancy.  Look up your redemption draws nigh.

Is there more Lord?

Yes, remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.  I taught you this in the natural years ago.  What the enemy has meant for evil is a set up for the greatest harvest this world has ever seen.  Do you trust Me?

Yes, Lord.

My word is true.  It will not fail.  Wait and believe.  You’ve only just begun to truly live.  My Kingdom come, My will be done.  Rejoice for the Kingdom is AT HAND.”


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