Monday Manna-Restoring Vision

monday-manna3All of us want to see God and know Him intimately.  While I was wrestling with Him about this thirteen years ago, He shared these words of comfort and encouragement:

My heart delights in your cries to know Me.  For truly you shall know Me, more than you’ve ever known before.  I’m taking off cataracts and eye coverings.  I am gently removing the filters you’ve put there out of fear, guilt and the trials of life.  I did not put them there, but I can and am removing them. 

 No one can see Me and live and yet in the spirit I can show you the truth that will give you vision beyond all that worldly man can see.  You’ve seen glimpses but now I am bringing you to the place of beholding Me. 

The disciples saw Me daily, but it was only after the cross when I broke bread with them that they beheld Me and knew Me.  It was then that all the daily walk we’d shared came into focus.  Truth burst forth that had been there all of the time, but it was hidden behind a filter of earthly understanding.  I brought heavenly light in that moment and truth came shining through.  I will, I am doing the same for you.  You’ve asked and I am answering your cry.

I love you.

My truth – My revealed TRUTH will set you free for all of the past and all of the present and all of the future.  I’m setting you free in truth.  Your journals of My love will sustain you and project you in My will beyond your ability to grasp right now. 

Fear not every time I speak of being sustained, prepared, etc., you enter into fear about your future.  Fear not.

Your God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.(Philippians 4:19)   I’ve hung this truth on the doorpost of your heart and I say, “Yes!”  You have no need to fear.  Abide, trust, rest.  I will carry you.  I am carrying you.  We are soaring even now.

These words are for each of us.  May you be blessed.


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