Monday Manna – Rest in the Waiting

monday-manna3In January 2008, our home in Missouri had been on the market for several months without a buyer.  We were getting ready to move to California but frustrated and wondering if we’d missed God.  One day while I spent time with Him, He spoke these words of reassurance.

Since we are walking through a similar place today and I know many others are as well, I decided to post these words of wisdom and peace.  Regardless what you are waiting for, be it a job promotion, a pregnancy, a move, a mate, the possibilities are endless, but each has periods of waiting. I believe many of you will relate.  May you be blessed.

Rest, Draw near.  Let Me kiss you with the kisses of My mouth. (Let the words that I speak to you fill  you with My love

Psalm 116:7—Return to your rest, O my soul.  For the Lord HAS dealt bountifully with you.

All is well.  Rest Beloved.  The time will soon come when physical rest will be more difficult to achieve because of the press of people and demands.  But even then you will rest in Me. 

There is a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God—Press in.  I will continue to give you tools for all I’ve planned for you to do as you come to Me and Me only.  I am your supply, your ever present Help.  Rest now.  Drink.

Rest Beloved. Rest.  Your times ARE in My hands.  All is well.  I am removing all that would hinder you from My will all the stumbling blocks are being gathered out of your path.  I have your due date and your hour of departure.  Provision is being stored up and put in places along the journey so that every stop, every resting place will be one of abundant supply.  I do all things well.  I do not lack any good thing for you.  All is being made ready.  Every jot and tittle being checked and rechecked for accuracy.

The supply lists are nearly filled.  All is ready.  Launch date for the grand adventure will come with the rising sun.

You will be ready.  I’m establishing rest in you.  No more anxieties, only trust.  Child-like trust that your Abba will meet every need perfectly.

I Samuel 2:10 It is not by strength that a person prevails—in your weakness, I will show Myself strong.


2 thoughts on “Monday Manna – Rest in the Waiting

  1. So true Beloved Mary Ellen! Yet another confirming assurance from our wonderful Father’s love and desires for us! He is on it! Resting, dwelling, tabernacling between His shoulders is equal to sitting in heavenly places with Christ Jesus! So grateful! \o/ Deuteronomy 33:12

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