Monday Manna – Holiness Manifests in Response to His Love

monday-manna3Lord, show me something about Your holiness today.  I want to see You as Holy!

Holiness is more than dazzling light.  Holiness is about separation—complete and utter separation from all sin and darkness.  Sin cannot dwell in holiness.

It’s impossible,  Just as darkness cannot dwell in light.  This is why I had to come to earth and pay the price to remove sin from the lives of My children.

You cannot enter My throne room with sin.  It must be left-burned outside the camp.  You are the temple of Holy Spirit.  Sin cannot co-exist with Holy Spirit.  He is routing all the squatters—intruders and re-creating in you My image—the one you were inseminated with at the beginning of all things.

My holiness consumes your sin and darkness.  “Light” treatments in My Word.

My home is in your heart.  There is no place I’d rather be. I in you and you in Me.

Surely not Lord.  Heaven is magnificent, out of this world, dazzling and beautiful.

Yes, it is and you shall see it, but My home is in you.  Oneness with My Bride, My children, means more to Me than all the glories of heaven.  Sharing life with you, walking with you and hearing your cries of delight and meeting your cries for help.

My life is in you.  My joy is in you.

Yes, that mysterious seed in you, My life, grows and is nourished by your response to My love.  Don’t turn away when I freely offer it to you.  Don’t turn away when you’ve missed the mark of My Word.  My love will enable you to return.  My love will wash and empower to begin again.  There is no fear in love, NONE.

I L O V E –LOVE YOU, all the T I  M E!  Settle down and make your home in My Love, My Holiness.


2 thoughts on “Monday Manna – Holiness Manifests in Response to His Love

  1. Why is it so hard for us to accept this L.O.V.E.? Why do we always say “Surely not, Lord”? I can’t imagine any of my kids saying that to me… they know I love them – without doubt, without question.
    What a lovely post, Mary Ellen… My heart and mind opened up a little more with the truth of your words… xoxox

    • I agree Nancy. His words opened my heart too. In our upside down world, it is easy to slide into agreeing with the negative and forget to keep our eyes on the One who loves us more than life itself. Have a blessed day my friend.

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