God Words – Everlasting Father

  I thought 'Mighty God' was awesome for His name until I considered 'EVERLASTING FATHER.' Talk about a full meal deal.  Wow!  Get ready for a feast. EVERLASTING #5703 in Strong's.  From #5710. #5703 -'ad' : —eternity, ever(-lasting, -more), old, perpetually, world without end.   In layman's terms, Everlasting means: continuing future, i.e. forever, and ancient … Continue reading God Words – Everlasting Father

God Words – Thanksgiving

  Today is the day before Thanksgiving here in America.  Thought we'd look at the word Thanksgiving.  Before today I always thought Thanksgiving was about thanking God for the things He's given us.  I was surprised to discover that thanksgiving is something else all together.  The word Thanksgiving looks like this: Strong's #8426 It is pronounced … Continue reading God Words – Thanksgiving