Monday Manna – Humility Wins – Redemption is At Hand

God doesn't do anything without revealing His plans to those with ears to hear.  And His words often come well in advance of the events.  While He shared this with me in October 2014, I see it unveiling now.  Humility is key.  May you be blessed. As I spent time in His presence, He spoke: … Continue reading Monday Manna – Humility Wins – Redemption is At Hand

Monday Manna – Choice–Overwhelmed or Joy-Filled?

Years ago, I went to the Lord with this confession: "Lord, as I look at the overview of this week and its projected activities and responsibilities, I am tempted to feel overwhelmed." Immediately He began with this prompt from Psalm 116:17 and followed with His counsel: Return to your rest O my soul.  I the … Continue reading Monday Manna – Choice–Overwhelmed or Joy-Filled?