Instruction from Abba for Growing Our Faith in 2023 – Part 1

I was in prayer on December 21, 2022, when the Lord gave me the following word. I did not realize at the time that it is a word of instruction for 2023. I continued to pray over this word since. He led me to several scriptures and a couple of word searches to bring more understanding. Those scriptures and search results will be in Part 2. 

Prayerfully consider this word and ask the Lord how He wants you to apply it. He is teaching us how to strengthen our faith. Each of us is in a different place. He has a specific purpose for you that requires unique preparation. Listen and apply. 😊

Here is the word:

On December 21, 2022, I asked the Lord, “What truth do You want me to declare so I can be in agreement with You?”

I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the end. The Aleph and the Tav. The God of covenant. I am shaking all that can be shaken to reveal My covenant. The weapons of your warfare are mighty because they are Truth weapons. Truth cuts. Truth pierces. Truth removes doubt and fear and disease.

Holy Spirit Truth will lead you in this hour of shaking. He holds your future in His hands. Listen to Him. Sit with Him for counsel. Walk with Him in obedience. There is no fear in love and He loves you beyond your words to describe. His Truth is your sure path through this valley of the shadow of death. You will fear No evil, for I AM is with you. I have all you need, Beloved, ALL. Call on Me, run to Me before you speak, I will answer.

Then I said to Him, “Arise O Lord, let Your enemies be scattered.”

Greater are those who are with you, Beloved. Hordes of angel armies battle in the heavenlies. Their weapons are My word and My authority. The battle is yours. It’s already won. All that’s left is the clean-up.

The Battle is Won! The Battle is Won! Shout to the LORD!

[The media isn’t reporting this. Deception continues to flood our airwaves. Still, God and His army have already dismantled the enemy’s plans and he is in panic mode. 

Holy Spirit has made it very clear that more chaos is on the way to put us in fear and cause us to feel hopeless and want to quit. But God says otherwise. Whose report will we believe? Do we want to stay in bondage to the lies or march in God’s victory parade? It’s your choice and mine. 

May this word be an encouragement to stand for Truth and righteousness. Keep trusting in the only One who is the Way through this clean-up season.]

For the scriptures and added insights keep an eye out for Part 2 of this post.

Shalom ♥

3 thoughts on “Instruction from Abba for Growing Our Faith in 2023 – Part 1

  1. 🙌 Thank you, Mary Ellen, for sharing this powerful message! Blessings to you, your family, and your ministry as you stand for Truth and Righteousness and as you keep trusting in the only One who is the Way. Grace and Peace in abundance. 🙏

    • Thank you, Tia. Blessings to you and your family as well. The Body of Christ has a tremendous amount of authority and power to turn this all around. My prayer is that we do, as Holy Spirit leads. A joyous 2023!

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