A Nation in a Day

Today I was reading a post that a friend of mine shared about what is happening in our nation. He spoke about God removing all the obstructions in one swift move. As I read his post Holy Spirit reminded me of a word He gave me in 2012. When I got the word, I thought it was about another nation. But when I went back to find it, America is written all over it. May you be encouraged.

On March 4, 2012, I’d been working on a message for Sunday when I asked the Lord to take me into His presence, to give me a vision that would lift me out of my teaching concerns and fill me with Himself.

“Meet Me in the meadow Beloved.” He said.

See myself walking through a forest of pine and redwood and see a clearing ahead—a knoll of high grass and yellow flowers. The air is sweet and fragrant. Yeshua stands where the forest ends and the knoll begins. He is looking off in the distance intently.

What is it, Lord? What do You see? I asked.

“I see the Day of Great Awakening. It is just beyond the now, but it is advancing quickly.”

Lord, what is the Day of Great Awakening?

“It is a time when the darkness will be exposed for what it is and light will shine more brilliantly than the sun. Isaiah 60 will come in bold relief and rich tapestry. It won’t be an ooey gooey warm and fuzzy thing, but swords clashing and battles raging time. I will show Myself strong and there will be a great awakening among My children of Who I AM and the sovereign power I have to do whatever I choose whenever I choose. You see no weapon formed against Me or My children will prosper. Truly I AM the Lord of Hosts, sovereign ruler, and Master over angel armies, there is NOTHING I cannot do. NOTHING. Call to Me and I will answer you and show you might things you do not know.

There is a breakthrough coming for great and marvelous is your God. His compassions fail not, and neither do His promises. I Am able to do all things and with Me, all power resides to kill and to make whole.

A nation in a day. A nation in a day. Watch Beloved. Watch and be ready for I am coming in an hour when the world thinks not, but be watching. Be ready to stand still and see the salvation of your God. A nation in a day. NOTHING is too hard for Me.”


What we are living today has been on His calendar for eons. His word does not fail. And He watches over His word and performs it ON TIME. Be encouraged.


One thought on “A Nation in a Day

  1. When I first read the words where the Lord said to you using “ooey gooey” had a hard time imagining the Lord using that phrase. But then I remembered years ago someone told me that even in prophecies declarations spoken out that the Lord often uses the language of the speaker. Certainly he hasn’t chosen thus, and thee and thou and the “eth’s” but many people use them because it’s near to them. So okay “ooey gooey” is all right with me. LOL ( now if someone said the Lord said to them LOL I would really have a hard time with that one.) 🤗

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