What if I Don’t Hear God?

What have I done wrong? I can’t hear You.

I wrote a blog earlier this week about How to Prepare Your Heart to Hear God’s Voice.  After I posted it I I felt a few more things that needed to be added.  It was as if God said, “Remember, I Am GOD and My ways are not your ways.”

While we can all agree with that statement, I knew He was referring to what I’d just posted.  So, I am adding this caution.

You may do everything suggested in that first blog.  You may have tried different ways of being still.  You took some time filling your mind with thoughts of Yeshua, worshiping Him and envisioning Him with you.  You may have asked Him how He wanted to spend the time and you followed His suggestions.  However, after all of that, you are still not hearing from Him. I’ve been there.  I know how discouraged you may feel.  I know how you may start wondering, “Have I done something wrong?  Have I not repented?  Why isn’t He talking to me or showing me anything?”

Over the years, I’ve daily spent time with Him. He has told me many things about silence.  Here are just a few:

“I woo you with My silence and I woo you with My quiet, almost hidden, expressions of love.  I’m never in a hurry and never late.  And the absence of feeling is not the absence of Me.  I don’t want you to be ruled by feelings, but by faith in My word.”

“This has been a trying season but it too shall pass.  Press into the silence.  Let it remove all that stands in the way of communication and response”. 

“You are not Me.  You can’t call the shots.  Only I know the playbook.  Rest, Trust, Rejoice.  Your Abba is right here.  There is a way that seems right, but the end is death.  Trust Me.  I am the way.”

“Listen to the silence Beloved.  The silence draws things from deep inside.  The silence turns your focus to Me.  In silence there is intimacy not found in music or conversation.  Silence allows room for Me to speak and for you to hear at a level deeper, in a place where you heart hears.” 

“Listen in the silence for My voice.  Remember Elijah didn’t hear Me in the earthquake, in the wind or in the earthquake. He heard Me in the still small voice.  Stand still and see the salvation of your God.”

“Take silence breaks during the day and turn your attention to Me.  Let Me speak to your heart, changing the course from the inner drive to do, to the peace to be.”

Be still and know that I am God.  No worries, no fears, no need to rush or fret.  Let silence unravel the maze and show you a direct path to Me—the place of complete trust, surrender.”

“Continue to spend time with Me in the quiet.  Whether you hear Me or not, I am speaking.  In the silence, impartation is taking place.  Rest in that.  I am impregnating you with My Spirit for the assignment ahead.”

“Stillness, rest, receive and go.  I am summoning you in the stillness.  Some are waiting for trumpet sounds and the roar of a lion.  I am whispering to those with ears to hear.  The stillness is where you will find Me. In the quiet, before dawn, I wait for you. Trumpets are for the masses, but whispers are for My Bride.”

If you are experiencing times of silence, pull up verses that tell us about God being ever-present. Spend time thanking Him for being with you, quote those verses out loud and thank Him for giving you the assurance that He hears you and is answering your prayers. Turn your temptation to be frustrated and discouraged into a time of great praise. Worship will fill your mind with Him and pretty soon, all those negative feelings and self-condemning thoughts leave completely.

Remember this: For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it. Job 33:14 Go, back over the lesson from last time about the way God speaks. You may find He really is speaking.

Silence can also be a sign that you are in transition to a deeper level of understanding and relationship with Him. Rejoice, you are a child of the King of all kings who loves you beyond anything you can imagine. He knows where you live and what moves your heart. When it’s time for you to hear Him, He will make Himself known.

One last suggestion, if you have heard God before and He told you to do something you haven’t done yet, He is likely waiting for you to respond. So, check your heart. Is there something He’s told you to do that you are avoiding? Be obedient. He never tells us to do anything that is not for our good.

Shalom my friend. Next we will uncover some of the clues to help you discern whose voice you are hearing. Have a blessed weekend. ♥

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