Tools and Instruction About How I Unearth the Deeper Treasures in Hebrew Part 1


If you’ve followed my blog for very long, you know that I use a Hebrew study to uncover the deeper meaning of many of our well-known scriptures.  Over time, many have asked me how I do this.  Well,  while I’ve handed out resources to people when I am speaking in different settings, I’ve not made them available here, on my website.

I’ve hesitated for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’m not sure you’ll understand the process without me being there to walk you through a couple of word searches.
  2. While I’ve been using this process for a number of years now, I am still a novice compared to many Hebrew scholars who have had much greater teaching.  I don’t want to give you something inferior.

While these may be good reasons to withhold the information,  I feel the greater pull to share it with you.  You may stumble a bit learning how to use the tools, but that is part of the process of learning.

So, to begin, I am going to point you to some tools that will be helpful.

Tools to Help in the Dig

Strong’s Concordance – get it in book form.  You need a hard copy of this and the older the copyright the better.  The newer editions don’t have all the meanings. They are not expensive and you can often find them in thrift stores for $5.  While you may have online access to Strong’s like the one below, you need to have a hard copy.

The best online source I’ve found that is easy to use is–

Blue Letter  (If you click on the ‘Tools’ button to the left of any scripture you pull up, it will display the Hebrew or Greek with Strong’s numbers for you.) I will show you in a bit how to use this resource.

A wonderful website:    

In His Own Words, by L. Grant  Luton    This is a wonderful book by a Messianic man where he writes a chapter on each letter of the Hebrew Alephbet (that is how it is properly spelled).  He breaks down its meaning and how it is used etc.      You can get it through Amazon, but it is very expensive.  Here is the place to order it:  $15.95 Book available at:

Hebrew Word Pictures, by Dr. Frank T. Seekins  This is a large spiral bound book with many pictures and information on each letter.  Worth the price.

Jim Staley Hebrew videos on YouTube – This is one of the best video series I know of.  Jim is a Christian pastor and he teaches Hebrew from a Christian perspective but with great Hebrew understanding.  Each video is about 30 minutes long and very informative. Here is the link for the entire series:

Biblical Mathematics,  by Evangelist Ed. F. Vallowe — This is a new resource to me.  Still digging in it.

Hebrew Word Study Beyond the Lexicon, Chaim Bentorah  (This book is still very new to me but comes highly recommended. Not sure how much I will use it yet because it is deep and it will take time to chew it  )

Now, I am going to give you some ground rules for treasure hunting.  It takes concentrated TIME and attention.  It is not a McDonald’s drive-thru burger experience.  These rules are important, and you will not likely understand them all until you start digging.  So, read slowly and then we will go on.

Key for Hebrew Study

This Key is something I have created through various studies, online teaching, and attending Messianic Bible studies over the past 14 years.  (Some of the sourcebooks and videos are listed in the Tools to Help You Dig.  This is my own compilation I’ve created to use as I study and as I turn this over to you I do so with these added comments:

  1. This is NOT an end-all key.  I’ve added to it over time and am pretty sure it will continue to be expanded.  As you study, you may want to expand it as well.
  2. PRAYER IS ESSENTIAL TO THE PROCESS of breaking down a word and finding its applicationHoly Spirit must have the bottom line.  Even when I look up definitions in the Strong’s, I ask Holy Spirit if there are any parts of the definition that I need to especially pay attention to or throw out.
  3. Words carry different meanings depending on the context of the scripture, the context of why God spoke something to you, or showed you something in a dream.  Only He can help you come to a bottom line.  One definition will NOT fit all.
  4. When you go to the Strong’s to look up a word, make sure you find the word in the scripture reference He has pointed out to you and only look up that number.  Or if it has been a dream or vision or just one word spoken, you may have to lookup more than one definition…Because many words have more than one Strong’s number…and again, ask Holy Spirit to guide you to the right one.

(There is a law that Hebrew scholars use called “The Law of First Appearance or the Law of First Mention.”  If you are having trouble figuring a word out, look in your concordance and see where the word first appeared in the Bible and then look it up.  Its meaning here is the original meaning or intent.

  1. Every letter has a numerical value and I’ve noted those in the graphics I created.  The words immediately following the numbers are the meaning of those numbers, and are often helpful in the final definition of a word.  Again, this is not an end-all. There are so many lists of numbers and meanings by so many different sources.  I only posted the ones that I most often found in the Hebrew sources.

Caution: DO NOT get into numerology–it is a trap that will put you in darkness. Do not use sources connected with Kabala.

  1. Every letter also has a negative and positive meaning…listen closely to Holy Spirit as you process.
  2. When you go to Strong’s it is best to seek out the ‘primary root’ of the word, which is usually a 2-3 letter word.  If Holy Spirit stops you before you get to the primitive root, then stop there, but I’ve found it especially interesting to get to the root.  ie. Elohim is one of the names of God. It is #430 in Strong’s, but if you take the number path 430 to 433 to 410 to 352 to the primitive root = 193…you discover that 193 is spelled with an Aleph, Vav, and Lamed…Abba Father, Yeshua, Holy Spirit–and it means to twist, be strong, rolled together, powerful, mighty, strength.  Elohiym means ‘gods’ or refers to the Supreme God…who we know to be the mighty Three in One.  Jewish scholars are still trying to figure out why Elohim is the main choice for God’s name throughout creation and most of the Torah. They don’t accept the fact that God is Three in One. Is that not amazing?

Lastly, it takes TIME…Don’t rush it.  Let it be an opportunity to build fellowship with


Okay, I know you want to get to it, but this is enough for today.  Gather your resources at least the cheap ones and the online ones.  Look up the various things online and see how they work.  Tomorrow I will post more.

Print off this information because you will want to refer to it often until you get familiar with treasure hunting.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

Shalom ♥


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