Closing Thoughts on the Armor of God


As warriors for the King, we are called to put on the Armor of God.  But we’ve discovered through this series that God’s idea of armor and man’s idea of armor is very different.  Instead of a uniform to hang in your closet and put on each morning, God’s armor is a 24/7, 365, Kingdom lifestyle of simplicity, humility, and bold faith.

Let’s see what it looks like in its final form.

The Armor of God Prayer

“Today Lord, I am putting on the Belt of Truth. I will keep Your Truth ever before me.  You are the Truth and Your Word is Truth.  I am who You say I am and I can do what You say I can do. I will walk in Your Truth and refuse the lies of the enemy.  Others will see Your life in me and be drawn to You.  Thank You for this Belt of Truth.”

Father, as I put on this Breastplate of Righteousness, I thank You for Your fiery zeal at work consuming my human reasoning and securing me in Jesus.  By Your grace I will walk in humility today, receiving Your revelation and counsel and putting it into practice.  I will not speak or act as the world does but will walk in holiness set apart for You. Thank you for this Breastplate of Righteousness.

Father, the good news of the gospel is You live in me and I now live in You. I am grounded and surrounded with Your Peace. As I shod my feet with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace,  I have the promise that You are at work, consuming my enemies and replacing them with health, safety, rest, wholeness, and the absence of discord. You are instructing me with Your hidden wisdom. Lord, I choose to walk in Your peace and Your will, sharing the good news of You and Your kingdom.

Father, I am picking up my Shield of Faith today, knowing You are faithful and Your word is true.  Holy Spirit help me be alert to the enemy’s fiery darts of deception and immediately shut them down with the Word of God.  Help me to grow in my trust and live free of fear and anxiety.  Help me take a stand for the truth and bring every argument, false reasoning, temptation, or outright lie into captivity.  I trust You Lord and I trust in Your Word.  Thank You for this Shield of Faith.”

Father, I thank you for this Helmet of Salvation.  I thank You for securing me in Yeshua and giving me eyes to see and understand by the Word and the Spirit.  I thank You for enabling me to have victory in the battle of my mind by the help of Holy Spirit and revelation. Abba, by Your grace I will bring my thoughts captive, surrender my thinking to Your Word, and demonstrate by my actions and my words that I am a member of Your house doing Your will. Thank You, Lord.

Father, I thank You for the Sword of the Spirit. I thank You that I have access to Your Word. As I go about my day today, help me stay in contact with You. Help me to set aside my human reasoning and pride and ask You for discernment. Today, I will read and meditate on Your Word.  Help me to take it slow and chew it well until it becomes part of who I am.   More and more, may I recognize the lies and temptations of the enemy. And may I stand strong and confront him with Your Word.  Thank You, Father. Amen.

Father, today as I stand before You, I will put on the Armor of God and verbally speak, asking You to establish Your Governmental Order, Authority, Instruction, and Control over every circumstance. I will pray with prayers and Supplication, asking You to Protect and Restore Your Life in this situation.  I ask You to Fence me in with Your Word and Protect me.  I will pray with Perseverance and keep praying until I see what I am praying about manifest as I am led by the Holy Spirit.

The path before us is unknown, but the One who leads us knows the way, He is the Way.  May God bless each of you as you continue to learn how to wear His armor and walk in His truth.

Shalom ♥

2 thoughts on “Closing Thoughts on the Armor of God

  1. This was an AWESOME TEACHING Thank You for enlightening The Eyes Of My Understanding!! Pas. Bernadine – MAY GOD’S PEACE BE WITH YOU!!

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