Monday Manna – I Am the God Who Restores

restoration1Abba loves to interject His truth and He often does it in the middle of praise and thanksgiving.  In February 2006, I woke up singing–

“You are my supply, my breath of life…..You are more than enough for me.”  Before singing another word, Abba spoke.

I am your Restorer.  I am your Redeemer.  I am your Breakthrough.  I AM more than enough.  Nothing is too hard for Me—NOTHING! 

I am going to bombard you with the truth of who I am until all the plaster cracks and falls and you are totally free to move and to see and to be without restraint.

I am your Prince.  I am your Deliverer.  Nothing can stand in the way of My plan.  I am setting you free.  There is work for you to do but the first order of business is that you see Me clearly.  Once you see Me without the filters, you will follow without question. 

We have business to do together, but I need to take you to the Mount of Transfiguration and show you who I am. 

I am not god with a little g.  I am GOD Almighty—All powerful, All Knowing, All Love, All Justice, All Mercy.  Once you see Me clearly you will follow with total abandon. 

We have mountains to climb and rivers to cross.  My ways are yet to be fully revealed in you.  Fear not—we are on task.  The process cannot be rushed.  Every day, every moment has been calculated perfectly.  Rest in My timing.

Rest and trust.  Breathe in the fragrance of My presence.  I am here.

He is your Restorer too.  He doesn’t play favorites.  These words are for all of His children, young or old, weak or strong.  Read them over again out loud and let them sink into your heart.  You are loved by the Almighty God of gods.  Rest in His hands and flourish in His care.

Shalom ♥

Jeremiah 32:25 ‘Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.

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