Love Letters from Elohim – The Way of Love



Sometimes Holy Spirit surprises me with verse.  February of 2014, was one of those times.  As we sat together in my prayer room, before a word was uttered, He began to speak.

The Way of Love

The way of Agape is the way of love

There is no other way to walk in realms above

Washed in the blood

Tempered by My hand

Love is the only way to walk and live and stand.

Soon the earth will reel

With every kind of foe

Nature’s forces rock

The very land will roll

Find yourselves in Me

Hidden in My hand

The storms will pass over

And in them, you will stand.

There are people to love

People to bless

People to lead to the Savior

Open your hands

Go out in love

I go before you with favor.

Do not be moved by what you see

Look up higher

Eyes on Me

Darkness will turn to light

As you see each one precious

In My sight.

Love is the language

Love is the way

All things in love will win the day.

Draw near, Draw near

Draw near to hear

Whispers of love from My heart.

We have now begun this time of rocking and rolling.  It is so easy to focus on our fears and our needs instead of looking to Him or reaching out to bless others.  May we be found in the way of Love is my prayer for each of us as we begin to walk this 2019 path.

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