Love Letters from Elohim – Stay in Wonder. I Am With You

loveletter2This time of year often brings so many stresses and tests to our faith and in our lives.  May this love letter be an encouragement to you. He shared this with me in 2005, but it is as fresh and current today as it was then.  Be blessed.

Let’s begin at the beginning.  In the beginning God—that’s Me.  I was before all things.  Nothing that is, ever came before Me.  All that is issued from My hand.  I spoke and it was birthed in spirit and in form.  I created all this for My pleasure and will.  All things work together for good–for the good of My kingdom expressed on the earth.  There isn’t anything evil that I can’t turn to good.  My grace is sufficient. 

Grace enables all things to work together for good.  Grace oils the machinery and enables all things good to move forward to their godly—goodly—fulfillment.

I am not a god that lies.  I will fulfill All that I’ve told you.  I am working All things together for your good even now.  You see in part, but it is a tiny part.

Rest in Me.  Lean on Me.  We will get there together and there are many, many delights along the way.

Did I not promise to send you the Spirit of Truth?—(John 14:17, 15:26, 16:13, I John 4:6)

I am here to help you, to teach you and remind you.  I am here to reveal truth to you that will pull down every stronghold and demolish every high thing that has taken root in your life against the knowledge of God.  I’m going to give you a “show and tell” report of Your Savior that will knock your socks off.  He loves you completely.

Don’t withdraw in shame for not having grasped this. All things work together for good.  All things.  My ways are not your ways.  I have set a time, a season, a purpose and a plan.  We will walk it together.  We are walking it even now. 

Do you trust Me?

When you were a little girl, before five, you used to sit on the grass in the sunshine and peer into the clouds and wonder at the beauty.  Even then your heart reached out to know more and to know the One who held the world in place.  I am He.  I am He.  I am with you and have been with you from then until now. 

For you it seems an eternity of time. To Me it is but a moment. 

There are delights ahead that I’ve held in reserve all of your life.  Precious gifts of grace and mercy, love and joy, adventure and reward that are beyond your comprehension.

Don’t reason this.  Don’t try to analyze it and figure it out.  Just remain the little girl on the grass gazing into the heavens in wonder and joy.

It’s all true.  We are about to embark on a glorious adventure in faith and there are treasures in store. 

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