Monday Manna – The Mystery of the Manger

monday-manna3One morning Abba said, “Let’s look at the manger.  You’ve looked at this scene with various responses over the years and yet most of the time it takes a low priority of focus.  You prefer to see Me as your risen Lord and coming King.  Nothing wrong with that but let Me show you more about the manger.”

Puzzled as to what He wanted to share, I took a seat and listened.

 I really didn’t need to come that way.  I could have been born in the courts of King Herod himself and lavished on as Moses was.  But, Bethlehem was the place—the house of bread.

 Just as yeast goes into the hidden pockets of dough to bring life to the bread, I plunged into the hidden place of life in those times to produce life in the dough of society there and ultimately the world.  It looked illogical—Like the song says, “Such a strange way to save the world.  Yes, strange, but My way.  Always seeking the hidden place—not the place of exposure.

There are many hidden places in this world –your world.  Places where poverty of spirit and soul run rampant. 

You’ve struggled to be seen.  You’ve struggled to be known.  Are you ready to go to the hidden places now?  There is a release for your life there that will amaze you.  You will have an influence greater than you ever thought possible.  Yes, you.

The manger was a hidden place and yet I used it as a stage to gather an audience and to send them out with a message of God’s love come to earth.  Your manger is a stage too.  It is hidden from your usual places of travel and pursuit.  Fear not.  Put your hope in God.

Remember I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  I am BIG and I can do ALL things.  Nothing is too hard for Me.  We will go there together in tandem.  Me first, for I’ve already gone before you to prepare this place for you.  It is a manger of hope but it will require death to your usual mindset.  I want to free you from the strongholds and put you in a place of safety in My will.  A place of love and joy, peace, patience, brotherly kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

It’s where you’ve always wanted to live but didn’t know how to get there.  You are truly being born again.   Born again in purpose, in power, and in plenty.  You will discover the riches of the kingdom there.  You will laugh at all that’s been and rejoice in what is now.  I am giving you new eyes.”

“Lord,” I said, “we make such a big thing about You not having a room at the inn, yet, in all You’ve shared with me today, I’m seeing that You may not have wanted a room in the inn at all.  Your ways are so unlike the world.”

(This entry came from my journal in 2005.  Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to find joy in the hidden places.  I found freedom and openness there born out of hungry hearts longing for answers and love.  May we put aside our need for a platform and look for mangers instead.)

2 thoughts on “Monday Manna – The Mystery of the Manger

  1. Thank you for the devotional.
    What am I to do, or put it in another way, what’s my posture/attitude should be like way. How do I respond.
    Thank you

    • Good morning Jacob David. Only Holy Spirit can tell each one of us what our response needs to be. Only He knows our hearts and our circumstances. May He lead you and each of us as we seek to know Him and make Him known through our words and our actions. God bless you.

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