Love Letters from Elohim – Breakthrough into Peace and Love

loveletter2Often, when we gauge our progress, we come up short.  Our heart wants to be all God has created us to be, but when we look around, the evidence is lacking.  One morning in March of 2006, I was feeling just that way. Here is the conversation I had with Him:

“Lord, there are times when I wonder if I’ll ever get over this wall and into peace and love.” I said.   “I know we’ve made progress, but there’s more to be mastered or rendered dead.  Help!”

He graciously replied, “Remember when you were learning to read and how frustrating it was at times because you wanted to be able to pick up anything and read what it said? In time you learned, and now it is old hat.

Peace and love are growing and with time, the water of the Word, the fertilizer of life experience, and surrender to the process, you will have this fruit in full. Rest and believe. 

I am creating in you a clean heart and renewing  My Spirit in you.  It’s a work of love for Me.  Don’t receive shame.  I totally love you in this process.”

“Lord, what part of Your nature are You establishing in me this season?  What part of Yourself are You revealing?”

“Intimacy. I want you to more fully see that I know you completely and love you unconditionally. 

That’s not the attribute you were expecting was it, Beloved?”

“No, Lord.”

“Love fuels everything else.  Until you know how completely loved you are, trust is difficult and surrender impossible. I must equip you in love to walk this next season.  I am going to be asking you to go places and do things that will require a higher level of trust and a greater measure of love and compassion. 

I am equipping you for battle, but the equipping won’t feel like boot camp—more like a honeymoon.  I am wooing you My bride.  I am wooing you and showing you new levels of My love, releasing you to trust Me more and experience the fruit of peace regardless of the circumstances.”



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