Love Letters from Elohim – Love Wins


Five years ago I had an inner vision of Jesus and I sitting on a wooden bench in the hallway of a courthouse.

Jesus turned to me and asked, “Do you see them Beloved?  Do you see their hearts?” 

When I look, many appear to be all business, focused on a task.  Others are rushing to late appointments to play key roles in changing the outcomes of cases being adjudicated.  I see an older woman tugging a young boy of about five.

As I continued to look at the little boy, Jesus says, “He doesn’t want to go with her and she is determined he will.  It’s a guardianship case.  His mother died.  He feels lost, abandoned and afraid.”

Why are we here Lord?”

“Their hearts are all ruled by fear. Do you hear it?  It’s rumbling low threatening to swallow them if they don’t ‘do’ something.  Apart from Me they can do nothing.  Whatever they do will turn to naught or further drag them into a pit of bondage and despair.

You, Beloved, are called to share hope. You are called to hold out the light in their darkness and draw their attention to Me.”

Suddenly I see myself off the bench standing in the middle of the people who are walking in the hallway.  I start directing people to Jesus like a traffic cop. Some refuse to follow and go on their way.  Others run to His outstretched arms and a look of relief and joy replace the stress and striving.

What’s this have to do with our call in the Body? I asked.

In My Body, there are lots of programs, attempts, methods, stress and striving to bring about My will.   But, My will cannot be brought with your efforts.

Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me.  For I am meek and lowly of heart and you will find rest for your souls.

It’s all about love.  Love will win the day.  Love speaks louder than words.  Ask Me how to show love.  Let Me direct you in love and harvest will follow.

We are here at the courthouse because all of these people want to be justified.  They all want their will to be granted.  Ultimately, only Love will triumph.  Not works, not reasoning, not intellect, flash or dash–LOVE triumphs over ALL.  Love wins every case and every stronghold will fall because of Love.”


2 thoughts on “Love Letters from Elohim – Love Wins

  1. So, today I am meditating Psalm 82, True Justice, in The Passion Translation, and, lo and behold, you share this love letter–I so needed to be reminded He is Perfect Justice in a world of injustice, chicanery and lies. TY so much for helping me remember, love always wins in the end–It gives me the strength to forgive, release and let go of every offense and every offender against my sense of personal justice.

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