Monday Manna – Heavenly Supply for the Coming Storm

monday-manna3God has been speaking to me for years about the coming storm, the battle for the Kingdom of God to be established on this earth.  We’ve seen skirmishes, but a greater storm is forming on the horizon that will ultimately bring the greatest harvest of souls this world has ever seen.  But first, we must get through the storm.

In 2009, Jesus visited me in a vision to tell me more about the how to’s of getting through:

“Your times are in My hands, Beloved.  Climb up in this apple tree with Me.”

I see Jesus sitting on a limb, pulling apples from the tree. We sit on the limb together, dangling our feet.  Below us I see cities, nations.  It’s as if we are above the earth.

“You are seated in heavenly places with Me, Beloved.  All that you need for food is here.  It is here you will be fed.  It is here where you will find rest from all your labors. It is here you will receive strategy and blueprints for all I’ve commissioned you to be involved with. Rest in My supply.  There is NO lack here, NONE.

As I draw you here, others will follow.   Like the woman at the well who calls her friends, ‘Come and see a man who has told me all things.  Is not this the Christ?’  Your testimony, your peace, your rest in the midst of this coming storm will draw others like a great shofar calling them to Me. 

Some will return and may others will come for the first time.

Take and eat heavens food.”   He hands me a big red apple. He smiles.

“An apple a day turns the doctor away,” He says.

“Healing for the nations Beloved.  Every fruit in season.”


It’s time to take our place in the heavens with/in Him.  We talk about it and declare it, but now it is time to live it.  Every need we have to get through the storm and draw others into God’s plan for their lives is found seated in heavenly places with/in Him.

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