A Song for Shabbat

clark-young-152167-unsplashLast Saturday, was cold and dreary.  I snuggled into my rocker with a good book.  Every once in a while, I’d peer out to see if anything changed.  Then the ‘muse’ dropped in for a visit and I had to put pen to paper.

As you pause for Shabbat (Sabbath) this week, regardless of what that looks like. Whether it is Saturday, Sunday, or another day that works for you, take a moment and drink in the peace here, in this Song for Sabbath. Enjoy.


Draw me in Abba, Father

Wrap me in Your arms of love

Resting here, Your grace surrounds me

As gray clouds gather overhead.


Sabbath’s song is slow and measured

Full of mercy and release

Daily chores stand idle waiting

As we dance the dance of peace


Shalom, Shalom, I hear it now

Jerusalem streets quiet, still

The city sighs relieved and resting

On Zion’s ancient hill.


Drink my soul of Sabbath’s nectar

Drink it deep and drink it slow

Freely given, a gift from Abba

Releasing rest as it flows


Time to play and love and think

Space to pause and feast on You

Time to listen, see and smell

Giving thanks for all You do.


Sabbath, Sabbath, are you waiting

While we strive, goals unmet?

Draw us back with gentle nudges

To the place of sacred rest.

Mary Ellen Wright – November 3, 2018

–Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

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