Who is in charge here?

Have you ever been caught in a set of circumstances where you’ve prayed, others have prayed, but the rock in front of you refuses to budge? Have you taken up arms in warfare prayer against the enemy and still the rock remains? This is where I’ve been for the past two months.

Moving into a beautiful new home where there was established internet service appeared to be without issue. I called the internet company 3 weeks before we moved in to set up an install.

They lost the paperwork.

Two days after we moved in I called again and set up another appointment–not available until the end of the month. They would arrive at 8:15am.

Then my new doctor decided to schedule a ‘must’ test for the same morning.

I called the internet people again. “Can I change the time on that day?”

“Sure, no problem.”

The day comes. They did not show up.

I call again.

“My record shows that your appointment was changed to September 26.”


“I am so sorry for the mixup,” she said. “If you want, our tech could walk you through the installation. You can set an appointment to do that next week.”

Finally, some hope is born.

I called one of our tech savy sons to come help. He agreed. Praise God for sons and son-in-laws who know how to do this stuff.

So, last night our son arrived and set to work. Two hours later, after numerous call to the tech, it is discovered that the internet power box is apparently not-working or disconnected somewhere. Thus, another appointment is scheduled for a tech to come to the house on Septmber 26th — twenty days from last night. Ugh!

Got up asking this morning, “Who is in charge here? Is the enemy wreaking havoc, or are You holding things in place for another reason?”

Didn’t hear anything but sensed Him smiling.

Lesson 10,001. It’s not always the enemy you are warring against. Pause and ask.

With this body of new information, I plan on waiting while rejoicing that it’s no longer I that lives but Him and He is all knowing and all wise. I will rest in His faithfulness and continue to eat up data on my phone. LOL.

Shalom from my little corner of the world. Rest in Him. He has got it all in control.

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