Monday Manna – Listen to the Silence

monday-manna3In August 2010, Holy Spirit spoke to me about silence.

“Holy Spirit my mind is bouncing around like a loose ping pong ball.”

Immediately this prayer came to mind:

“Blessed at Thou O Lord our God

King of the universe

Creator of all things

Power by which all things have life

Maker and Redeemer of my soul…”

“Lord, I see You on the grounds of the Santa Barbara mission. We are walking into the main sanctuary. Worn red tile, polished by the millions of visitor shoes, are solid under our feet.  Thick adobe walls-white washed and cool surround us.  Dark wood, candles burning, icons and niches all about.  Lord, why are we here?”

Listen to the silence Beloved.  The silence draws things from deep inside.  The silence turns your focus to Me and to you.  In silence there is intimacy not found in music or conversation.  Silence allows room for Me to speak and for you to hear at a level deeper, in a place where your heart hears.

Listen in the silence for My voice.  Remember Elijah didn’t hear Me in the storm or in the wind but in the still small voice.  Stand still and see the salvation of your God.

Take silence breaks during the day and turn your attention to Me.  Let Me speak to your heart, changing the course from the inner drive to do,  to the peace  to be.

Be still and know that I am God.  No worries, no fears, no need to rush or fret.  Let silence unravel the maze and show you a direct path to Me—the place of complete trust, surrender.

Be still Beloved.  Listen in the silence and hear My songs of love.  Let Me wash You with My words and remove all that hinders complete oneness with Me.

There is a River whose streams make glad the city of our God. Let the River of My peace wash over you, renew you, free you to be all I’ve created.

This sanctuary appears to be austere, cold, foreign, but listen in the silence.  Your Creator is here turning hearts, changing lives, stirring repentance and granting peace.

Enter into silence and hear His voice.

(See you all in September.  We are moving into our new home today and internet won’t be available until then.  May the Lord bless and keep you .  May His face shine upon you and give you peace.)

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