When You Don’t Understand the Plan, You Trust the Planner.


Next Monday Mike and I will sign the final escrow papers and get keys to our new home.  By prophetic word, this will be the last home we purchase and where we will live out the rest of our lives.  We are beyond excited to be in our own space again after two months of living out of suitcases. 

Before we ever put our home on the market or began the serious search for our new home, we sat down and wrote out all the things we wanted in a house.  That list helped us weed out the options and led us to our home. It has about 80% of the things we have on our list.  The second I saw the ad, I knew it was our home.

One of the things on top of our list is good internet connection.  Today I discovered the nearest Wi-Fi connection from our home is fifteen miles away at McDonalds.  Now I don’t mind eating at McDonalds occasionally, but working on my blog there or staying connected to all of you surrounded by kids and adults downing big Macs, Chicken Nuggets, and fries isn’t my ideal.

The sellers said they had excellent service and gave us the name of their carrier. Within days of first signing the house contract, called the suggested company and set things up.  The salesman told me to call back when we got closer to our move date and they would schedule the installment.

Yesterday, I called. They didn’t know who I was.  There wasn’t a record of any such conversation. They looked at their region coverage map and our address is not on it.  What???

For the next three hours I searched the internet, made calls, went from pillar to post and put on hold more times than I care to remember. Several of those I spoke with told me,  “There is only one internet service in the area.  It is not good for streaming and very slow even for email.” I wanted to quit, but could not let go of the fact that God led us here and He knows better than I what I need. So, I prayed asking Holy Spirit to lead me.

One more call and I finally found a carrier and a price we could afford on our senior (Did I say senior? I’ve been claiming middle age for years. LOL) citizen status. Then we came to the bottom line of setting up an installation date.

“I’m sorry mam,” said the carrier, “but the earliest date we have in that area is August 30th. Will that work for you?”

“August 30th?   You’ve got to be kidding,” I whispered through gritted teeth.  Almost a month without internet or Wi-Fi unless I drive fifteen miles?  Help me Jesus.

Yet on another level, I rejoiced. After all the struggle to even find a carrier, I succumbed.  “I’ll take it,” I said, at the same time praying for grace.

Psalm 139:16 says All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.”  That being the case, God already knew this eons ago, in fact, He likely planned it. But how could He?  Doesn’t He know how important it is for me to encourage people daily with His words?  Or possibly He wants me to remember that He is quite capable of encouraging them without my assistance.  🙂

His plans often collide with my logic.  His plans don’t always look good or feel good.  But Holy Spirit reminds me, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

I remind all of you daily to rest in His faithfulness.  And remember He is God and we are not. Guess it is my turn to dive in a little deeper into rest and trust myself.  Of course, this will also be a month of retrieving our stuff from four different locations, unpacking them, finding a new place to put them, and settling into life anew.  There won’t be many lay back and drink iced tea days, but a whole lot of thanksgiving to our ever Faithful Shepherd. Having a month off the internet could be a blessing in disguise.

Hope I don’t lose any of you over this sabbatical.  I will do my best to be back September 1st.  If there are any glitches, it may be later.  Trusting in His timing.

Once again, as a child of the One True God and King, I have the opportunity to trust Him and enjoy the grace He affords.  May you enjoy His grace as well even when His plans collide with your wants.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
  Proverbs 3:5-6

See you in September <3. 









5 thoughts on “When You Don’t Understand the Plan, You Trust the Planner.

  1. I will be looking for you! Congratulations and blessings for your new home. Thank you for the message of hope and faith. Molinda

  2. May you take your time in establishing EXACTLY how Holy Spirit wants you to set up home to GLORIFY HIM.

    Love your NEW home sweet home.

    God bless……

    • Denise, please accept my apology. Your comment was stuck in a pending folder and I wasn’t notified. Just found it today.

      Yes, we are taking our time in setting up our home and acreage. We know Holy Spirit has the perfect plan and we are doing our best to follow Him. God bless you for your patience. ❤

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