Monday Manna — Keys for Victory Over the Works of the Enemy

monday-manna3Five years ago, in June 2013,  the Supreme Court approved homosexual marriage.  When I went into prayer about this, Abba counseled me with these words:

It’s going to get hotter, Beloved, and I’m not talking about physical temperature.  The enemy thinks he’s won and his victory is sure.  There will be a season where it will also appear to the Church that the enemy has won.

Fear not but believe that no weapon formed against My Word will prosper.  What appears to be victory will be overturned when My Body wakes up and takes their place in prayer and in the positions of rule I’ve chosen for them.

Fear not for I am with you.  When you walk through the fire of trials and testing you will not be burned, if you keep your eyes on Me and off the enemy activity.  He isn’t worth a second of your consideration, not one second.

If there are things you need to know about him, in order to do My will, I will show you.  Don’t focus on his activity.  Focus on My ability, My love, and My faithfulness.

I brought Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego through the fiery furnace.  I brought Daniel out of the lion’s den and delivered Paul so many times he couldn’t count them.

In this world, you will have tribulation, but I have overcome the world.  Look to Me and you will see ALL that you will ever need and more to face every trial.

You are called to be a light in the darkness.  You can’t shine with My Light if you are immersed in fear and worry.

There is victory ahead for those who will walk with Me.  Faith is key.  Ask Me for My faith and I will change your darkness to light with one word from My mouth. Your faith won’t save you, but Mine will.  As deep calls to deep, I will ignite the measure I’ve placed in each one of you, if you will ask Me.

Time with Me is more important than your next breath.  Come away.  Leave the world and it’s struggles behind and be with Me.  You won’t be disappointed.

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