Monday Manna – Time is Short

monday-manna3Press on to know Me.  For I am not in a distant country, but in you, with you and forever for you.  I have equipped you to hear Me clearly and to share My love and life with others. 

There are many waiting, crying out for truth, crying out for the reality of My Kingdom of love.  They are tangled in this world of vain philosophies, deceiving spirits and worldly values.  They see the emptiness of them but don’t know where to turn.  Others are caught in poverty, illness and sin, without hope-in deep despair. 

You carry My word, My life, My hope, My truth.  I am calling.  Will you go?

Will you put aside your pride and your need to be heard and submit yourselves to one another so My purpose can prevail?  Will you value the blueprints I’ve put in place for My Kingdom to function?

The time is short.  It is yet day when all can work.  There is much to be done and all are called. I will go with you wherever you go and I am always leading you in triumph. Prophetic ministry is about pointing lives back to Me.  I’m really good at that and am more than ready to work through you.  The Kingdom of God is within you and it is time to share it. 

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