Monday Manna – My Peace is a Weapon

monday-manna3In December 2005, I was doing a word by word study of Psalm 91.  As I meditated on the verses, God spoke this to me one morning:  You are complete in Me—lacking nothing.  But you can’t see that yet.  You will!  Those filters have to go. With your eyes you will behold the reward of the wicked.  You will see the filters for what they are and will cast them aside as rubbish.  You will be the one…

to pull them down. I will give you the eyes to see them and know what they are.  I will give you their names and when you see them and realize the place they’ve had in keeping you from My will—keeping you for what is best, keeping you from your dreams.

There were enemies in My life on earth as well.  I just didn’t let them stop Me.  I saw them clearly but did not back down from them.  I had peace to stand in who I was, knowing that My Father was My keeper and that in His will I was protected.

When the work is done in you, you too will stand and face the enemies of your soul in peace knowing fully, without doubt, or unbelief, that God, the Father, is your Shield and your Buckler and that no enemy can find you when you are In His will at rest.

Peace shuts the door to the enemy.  Rest keeps him at a distance – they may you clearly but will be unable to get to you.

Love will be your language.  Love will be your thoughts.  Love will be expressed in action.  Once love and peace take over—it’s all over for the enemy.  Oh, he will yell and threaten, but you will be secluded with Me in the secret place.  There you will experience joy unspeakable and full of glory.  That elusive joy will wash over you in unending waves.  Press in.  There is victory ahead.

If you are in warfare with the enemy, stop and consider who you are.  You are hidden in Christ, the Creator of all that was and is and is to come.  He has already won the victory over the enemy.  There is nothing to fear.  Choose peace.  Choose rest.  Choose love.  Victory is yours in Him.

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