The Book is BORN!!

Screenshot 2017-09-15 06.35.49I am so excited to announce that my book, “Surprised by His Love: Navigating the Storms of Life and Marriage With God’s Love,” is NOW available on Amazon.  With many ups and downs in this past year of writing and having to learn all kinds of new programs to ultimately get it published, it’s DONE.

Haven’t figured out how to add an Amazon link on here yet, but if you go to Amazon and type in the name, Surprised by His Love, or this ISBN number: ISBN-13: 978-1975786014, you can see it.

God sent a prophet to tell me to write this book in May of 2016.  While I’ve known all of my life I would write books, this is the first one that is totally mine.  I did help write another one for a ministry in the 90’s, but it was more or less an ‘in house’ publication.

God told me 40 years ago to start keeping journals of my walk with Him and that in the future, I would share many of those journal notes with others to encourage them in their walk.  This book is part of that word fulfilled.

Women will more likely relate to my story than men, but it can easily apply across the board.  We all have issues with self-condemnation, low self-esteem, not knowing who we are, unforgiveness, finding ourselves on the wrong paths at times, in crisis, and relational issues of every sort.  Unlike other memoir type books, you will hear God speak into these circumstances and I believe, like me, you will be surprised by His counsel and response.  You will be Surprised by His Love.





4 thoughts on “The Book is BORN!!

  1. Congratulations! Thank you for listening to God, for sharing, the work and effort to be sure it reaches as many as possible. I am so blessed to be in your circle!

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