Monday Manna – Love is Your Dwelling Place


Love is your home, your dwelling place.  Love is the embodiment of all that I am.  When you dwell in love, you dwell in ME.

 When you are not living in love you have withdrawn from My Presence.  Love toward others, love for yourself—this is key.  It’s your RED FLAG alert—turn around and retrace your steps back to love – ME

 I Corinthians 13 is your magna carta, your code of ethics for life.  When you memorize verse about love you are plunging into greater revelation of ME.

 I am LOVE—every bit, every word, every action, every thought—LOVE.  Plunge into LOVE and you’ve plunged into ME.  All that I am or ever will be is LOVE.

 Love paints with broad strokes, splashing color on the canvas, but love also adds the minutest details in intricate design and highlights.  Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

 Love is your very breath.  Love fuels life.  When I breathed into man, it was love that brought life to the clay.  Love is power to transform the lifeless to vitality.

 Without love, life diminishes.  Pour out love and see life flourish all around you.  Love feeds the hungry soul.  Love warms the cold heart.  Love dries tears and wraps arms of comfort around souls dying for lack of love.  Love changes everything.

 Make love your aim and you’ll never be far from My Presence.  Wherever love is, I am present.  He who abides in Love, abides in Me and I in him.  Love is your home.

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