Monday Manna – Key for Dealing With Frustration

monday-manna2I was dealing with frustration.  A teaching I put a lot of effort into was only received by a handful of people.  I knew God’s word deserved a bigger audience.  But when I went to Him with my frustration, He responded thus:

“Open your mouth and I will fill it.  My time, My way, as I will.  Let go and go on.  More to be done and said.  No looking back.  Shut the door on fretting and go on.  More to do.  More to say.  More to harvest.  It is yet day when all can work.  Keep your eyes on Me and keep going.  There is no time for looking back—NONE!”
“Yes, Abba.  I will go on.”
“Rest in My love Beloved.  Rest in My love. Here is the key to overcoming frustration,” He said.There is a way that seems right but it only leads to death.  I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father but by Me.  The way is narrow My children, narrow and steep.  Only by My grace can you walk it.
“Self-effort will get you nowhere but frustration and fear.  My yoke is easy and My burden light.  It is the yoke of humility and praise.  You must walk the path of praise and thanksgiving if you want to walk with Me. 
“Paul and Silas in their darkest hours praised Me and sang songs of thanksgiving.  Every chain was broken and every prison door was thrown open.
“The enemy will try to imprison you and stifle your testimony but he will not succeed if you remember to keep your eyes on Me and fill your mouth with praise from your heart.
“Bring your heart to Me and let Me wash them with the pure water of My word and ignite them with a flame of passion for Me that will never go out.
“It’s time for new beginnings in My Spirit.  Do you hear the call?  Come and die so that you may find Life.”

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