Lessons on Love from 1 John 4:16 – Lesson 5

I-Love-You-Photography-33“We have known and believed the love God has for us. God is love and he who dwells in love, dwells in God and God in him.” 1 John 4:16

I started these posts in October 2016 and after four posts, went onto another chapter in my book.  Today I’ve felt the nudge to add some more love lessons.

In 2006, Abba had me meditating one hour a day on this one verse for several weeks.  Each day He showed me more.  In this post He describes His love for us.  Enjoy.

“Lord, what do You want me to see in Your word today?” My morning question was always the same, but His answers were always new.

“I Am Love.  Every moment, every hour, every day, I Am Love.  Just as you an say, ‘I am Greek, or I am female,’ I Am Love.  I cannot, not, love you.  No matter what your mindset or circumstance, I love you.

This isn’t the mushy Hollywood love that depends on lights and music or just the right words.  No, I love you when you are screaming inside in criticism or anger.  I love you when you are lost in worship.  I love you.  It’s not even a choice for Me.  It is My very DNA.”

Father, that song from the 50’s comes to me now.

Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening , sugar at suppertime.

Be my little sugar and love me all the time.

Put your arms around me and swear by stars above

You’ll be mine forever in a heaven of love

Love me in the morning, love me in the evening, Love me at suppertime.

Be my little sugar and love, love me, all, all the time.

Lord, I laugh in remembrance, but tears flow as I hear You sing it to me.  I have no words to convey my love for You Lord.  You always know what to say, what to do, where to take me, what to show me that touches me to the very core of who I am.  Lord I love you and I want so very much to dwell in love.

Lord, take me to that altar of complete surrender.  Whatever remains to keep me from total union with You, Lord consume it.

“He who dwells in love…  Love for you is still a choice, Beloved.   As you look to Me to supply all that you lack, you will learn how to dwell in love. Abandon yourself to My love.  Fall back and let Me catch you.  The more you see yourself loved with all your ‘warts’ and idiosyncrasies, the more you will freely flow in My love to others and choice will become less of a struggle.

“I Am Love.  I Am Love. I Am Love.  The Creator who holds eternity in His hands, loves you yesterday, today and forever.  You are loved!”

FYI–Every word He spoke here belongs to you too.  Every single word. You ARE LOVED.  Nothing can separate you from His love.  Let that sink in and grow in you.  It will change your life forever.

I’ve learned a lot since 2006.  Because of the lessons I’ve learned, I feel I must add another note.  When we were born again, our sin nature died and God’s love was birthed in us.  Love became our DNA too.  The enemy doesn’t want us to know this.  He wants us to focus on how we used to do life before Holy Spirit moved in.  The more we say no to old habits and mindsets and choose to see ourselves loved and full of His love, the easier it becomes to walk in Him on this earth.  The easier it becomes to be love to others.

During this Passover week, as we focus on His love for us, let us also remember who we are and live loved for His glory.

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