Monday Manna — Counsel to the Waiting

monday-manna2April 8, 2009 — We had moved to California and put an offer on a house.  We’d already been living with relatives for three months and ready to be in our own place, but nothing was moving.

I forgot Paul’s counsel about being content in all things.   I was plunged into confusion and disappointment over the house.  That morning I sat with the Lord.

“Lord, I am crying out for help and wondering whether I’ll ever fully surrender to Your will in peace.”

“Your times are in My hands.”

“Yes, Lord they are.  What is the purpose of all this waiting?”

“It’s a time of refining.”

“Yes, You told me that before.  Will we ever reach the stage of refining we need, to move on?  It feels as if there is no end to this.  Forgive me Lord.  I am complaining and questioning Your wisdom.  God forgive me.”

“Forgiven.  Let’s go play ball.”

“Lord, I don’t want to play ball.  My heart is–weeping.  Lord help.”

“Let’s go play ball.  Come on, it will help.”


We are on top of a grassy hill.  He tells me, “Go way over there—far—and I will throw it to you.”

“Lord, I’ll never catch it.  I won’t even be able to see it coming.”

“Go, Beloved.”

I walk with deliberate steps far out into the field.  I turn, but can barely see Jesus.

“Are you ready?” He yells.

“Yes, Lord.”

“Put up your mitt.”

“Lord, You can barely see me, how are You going to hit my mitt?”  Sense that He’s smiling.

“Here it comes!”

I search the space for a ball.  Smack!! – right into my mitt.  How did He do that?

“Did you catch it?”

“Yes, I got it.”

“Did you see it coming?”

“No, I didn’t.”

He is smiling again.  “You don’t see what’s coming your way now either, Beloved.  There are blessings aimed right to your hand.  Rest knowing I know where you are and how to get these blessing to you on time.  They may appear to be far off but they are closer than you think.  Rest Beloved, I do all things well.

“My God shall supply all your need, according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

And, He’s never late.

If you are waiting, rest in the assurance that He knows your need and will meet it perfectly, right on time. God bless you.


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