One Word Treasures

February 7, 2016

Holy Spirit stopped me with the word ‘if’ this morning.  If?  What could possibly be in this tiny word of any consequence?  At first I almost dismissed it, but then I saw in my minds eye a white gift box tied with a beautiful red bow.  (This picture doesn’t do it justice.)  On it was a tag with the word ‘If.’

Without further questioning, I pulled out my Strong’s and got to work.


“What are You showing me Abba?”

“Every ‘If’ that I propose Beloved, is a gift.  If you respond in obedience out of love and trust, you will discover the Hidden Truth of My Strength and character within to enable you to do what I am asking you to do.”

In other words, God is hidden inside every ‘if’ that He proposes.

ie. “IF you will….., then I will ……”

IF you want more of Him, joyfully respond to His ‘ifs.’

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