Are You Ready for a Treasure Hunt?

Treasures from the Secret Place – Introduction Featured image

Peering down at my little brother, I giggled inwardly. “He can’t see me, but I can see him. Hopefully, he’ll give up and go back home so I can read my book.”
Leaning against a fat branch of the walnut tree and steadying my legs on either side of the elbow where I perched, I lovingly opened the volume in my lap. Once again, I joined Heidi in her Swiss mountain home, listening for the tinkle of sheep bells.
“Heidi” was one of my favorite books as a girl. I read most of it sitting high in the walnut tree about a block from our home. That tree was one of several hiding places I ran to when I wanted to avoid my siblings or just be alone to dream, to pray, or wonder.
In the fall of 2005, God drew me to another hiding place and filled me with treasure to last a lifetime. Just as in any hunt for treasure, there is usually a map. Psalm 91 was the map He placed in my hands and began to write on my heart.
For the next six months, He pulled back layer after layer uncovering keys to unlock peace, faith and hope in my life.
In 2012, He called me to revisit Psalm 91 for more excavation and with the help of the Hebrew Alephbet, precious gems of truth came to the surface. Priceless things I never saw in the initial dig, made me hungry for more.
In this past month, a stirring in my spirit to pick up my pen and write again will not be silenced. As I prayed about this, God told me to get my tools ready.
For me this meant, pulling out all of my journals and putting them in chronological order with date labels on their spines. Then I went through boxes, file cabinets, and binders to harvest more writings and thoughts. He led me to believe I will need them for the project ahead.
Thus, with some effort, all was in the ready. I continued to pray and ask for direction.
On Sunday, our pastor taught out of Luke 5. When he read Luke 5:4…Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch,” I heard Abba say, “It’s time to write, Beloved.” I smiled. Our pastor continued, “verse 5, ‘But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.’”
Peter’s words resonated deep within. I too argued with Abba, “You know how many times I’ve tried to get my writing published with very little success. Part of me just baulks to go down this path again. And…I still have no idea what You want me to write.”
“Nevertheless,” my heart turned to face Him. “Abba, if this is what you want, I am willing.”
Then He said, “Psalm 91.”
“Psalm 91?” He was quiet. The conversation ended and I was left to wonder.
Over the next hour, my human logic took over. “Well at least I have lots of material to draw from. This will be a short project and then I can get on to more meaty matters. I will pull the resources together tonight. Great.”
On I rambled, “While I really hunger for more right now, I am willing to start here. It should go quickly. There are already several books out about Psalm 9. What have I got to say that hasn’t already been said or that anyone would want to read? Is this another futile attempt of my own initiative? God, help me.”
After separating out all my Psalm 91 notes and putting them into folders, I went to bed. I was excited to begin on one hand and yet, at the same time, dreading the process.
The next morning, while I continued to stew, I said to the Lord, “Time is a precious commodity. I want to use mine in Your service. What do You want me to do, Abba?”
“Go deeper. There are still treasures to find, places to go and people to see. In the spaces between the words, you will find them.
You have keys that will unlock more doors of discovery. Not all is lost and it is far from dull or tedious. Rest in My love and flow in My grace.
There are peaks and valleys, but treasures along the way. It is not an overnight project, but it is your project, your initial assignment.
My people, My children need to have these resources, this understanding for the season ahead.”
So today in my mind, I climb that trusty walnut tree and relax with the best book ever written, “Love Letters from Abba,” my Bible. My hands caress its well worn pages and settle down to begin again.
Are you ready to join me? Rich treasures in store to change your heart and remake your life.
Come, follow me as I follow Him and we will explore together.

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High…  We will begin with 1-This World Is Not My Home

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