A Word for the American Church

Word for the American Church – August 29-2021

Question: Lord, how can we partner with You in these times of uncertainty?

Look up, for your redemption draws nigh.  I am hovering, brooding over America even now.  My heart longs for My American bride.  Her dress is torn, and her veil is missing.  She is fighting but in many cases, she is beating the air, rather than standing before My throne.  The enemy has discouraged her and worn her out from repeated deception.

Turn off the noise and come to Me.  Sit at My feet.  Rest in My presence. 

My heart aches. As she waits for Me to move, I wait for her to come boldly before My throne in faith, knowing I am not a god that lies or deceives.  I will answer prayers of faith and declarations of truth and peace.

The power is in your hands to speak in My name and see things change.  Repent, and take your place before My throne.  Call for a righteous government.  Call for an end in the bloodshed.  Call for a praying church.  Call for liberty and freedom in your land.  I wait for you.  These are My prayers, and I will hear and answer.

Set aside the skirmishes over masks and shots and call for deliverance for your nation.  Don’t get hung up in the details. Ask of Me and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing of peace and safety. 

I wait for you to come.  I am ready to move.  My sheep hear My voice and follow Me.

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