Keep Going!

I had a dream in April that I am prompted to share. In the dream I was lined up with a bunch of people for a walking competition. As I looked around, there were few people my age. Young athletes and families were all around. I wondered to myself, “What in the heck am I doing in this race?”

They sounded the bell and everyone took off. Some were actually running. Instead, I just plodded along.

Over time, I saw people pull aside to get a drink or stop to re-tie their shoes. Parents stepped off the trail to speak to their children. All the while, I kept my steady walk.

At the end of the race, I’d won the race. How on earth did that happen? I was shocked and so was everyone else.

Immediately I said, “Lord, what is this?””My Body needs to keep going in the things I’ve called them to do,” He said. Right now, in the middle of all this chaos, if they do, I will bring them to the finish line and they will find victory.”

Wherever you are in this world, God has an assignment for you. So, it is important to spend time with the Him. Find out what your assignment is and just do it!

Shalom ♥

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