Love Letters from Elohim – Trusting In His Plans

TrustHave you ever asked Abba about His plans?  A couple of years ago things looked rocky in every arena of life, so, I asked Him what He was planning.  This was His answer and I believe He is still fulfilling these words today.

Breakthrough! Breakthrough in old mindsets. Breakthrough to hope. Breakthrough to faith. I have much I’ve purposed and planned and you’ve only had the first glimpse.

You must trust Me. You must hang onto the promises I’ve given you. My timing is always perfect.  Momentum is being established and it will continue to grow as long as you don’t sidestep it with your own ideas and plans and logic.  Logic will not suffice in this season to come.

The field is ready and waiting for harvesters.  Will you go where I tell you, even though it looks barren?  Will you go if it looks uncomfortable and out of character for you?

Ask Me for eyes to see as I see.  Step out and know, that you go IN ME, not in your weakness, but in My strength. 

This is a year of great harvest.  A harvest of righteousness.  A year of breakthrough into the enemy camp.  I’m giving you weapons of love and faith that will demolish the plans of the enemy.

It’s not logical.  It’s the Kingdom way.

Keep your eyes on Me and I will lead you and I will be with you.

We are His hands and feet, and mouths 🙂 in this world.  It’s time for each of us to lay our logic aside, pick up the assignments we’ve been given and see His plans fulfilled. His plans are always for good no matter what the circumstances look like. He is ever working to redeem and heal.

May each of us resolve anew to– Live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit. Then you won’t feed the compulsions of selfishness. Galatians 5:16 NLT

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