Monday Manna – Where are You Running to be Fed?


Seven years ago, while I was journaling about wanting to spend more time with the Lord, these words came:

“Be still and know that I am God.

There’s a quiet hush I want you to experience, no music, no phones, nor internet or distractions.  Just Me and you and quiet.

Are you ready?

Quiet your mind.

Then, in a vision, I saw myself walking down a darkened hallway toward a lighted area.  I reached out with my hands and lightly brushed the walls on either side as I tentatively moved forward, not knowing what was before me.

I entered a large space with stadium seating (like a university lecture hall).  I am alone with incredible enveloped in LIGHT.  I was ecstatic yet totally at peace.

I heard, “Take a seat.”  I climbed the middle section of stairs and took a seat about halfway up.  Putting my elbows on the desktop, I leaned forward in anticipation.

“Be still.  Stillness is pregnant with possibility but it is perceived as an empty waste.  In the stillness, I speak My best lines of truth and you have time to consider and engage, tasting and chewing. Selah.

There is none like Me in all the earth.  Why do you run from one blog to the next to glean some jewel of delight when I am the Maker of the jewels and know how to delight you more than any other?”

Tears of repentance ran with abandon.  “Forgive me Father for going to any other but You.  Forgive me and draw me into Your presence.”

“Do you have time?”

“Yes, Father, my times are in Your hands.  Use it as You will.”

While this was years ago, I openly confess, I still find myself running to other things, at times,  to meet my need more than His word or my relationship with Him <3.

He deserves first place, everyday and His Word needs to be the first place we go to for answers about life’s problems, not Google, Facebook, or our friends.  Spend some time with Him and let Him search your heart.

Shalom ❤

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